As the business world becomes increasingly digitized, you’ll have to tackle several dangers that come with doing business online. Cybercriminals nowadays have several methods to target organizations, from credential hacks to sophisticated ransomware attacks.

This is why it’s critical to think about measures to protect your organization in every possible way. If you are unfamiliar with technology and the cyberthreat landscape, it might be hard to know the best strategy to protect your organization. With so much noise about cybersecurity out there, it can be challenging to distinguish between myth and fact.

Understanding current and evolving technology risks, as well as the truths behind them, is critical for providing a secure direction for your business. This blog can help you with that, and after reading it, you’ll have a better idea of the threat landscape and how to protect your business against it.

Cybersecurity myths debunked

Busting the top cybersecurity myths is essential to keep your business safe:

Myth #1: Cybersecurity is just one solution
There are many different aspects to cybersecurity and they’re all crucial in keeping your business safe. A robust cybersecurity posture includes monitoring and threat hunting, vulnerability assessments, cyber insurance, employee security awareness education, dark web monitoring, compliance, physical security measures, and a web of defenses for your network and devices. You can create a solid cybersecurity strategy for your business by considering all these measures.

Myth #2: Only large businesses become the victims of cyber-attacks
If you fall for this myth, it could cost you your organization. The truth is that small businesses are targeted more frequently by cyber-criminals since their network can more easily be compromised, and they are less likely to recover from an attack unless they pay a ransom. Also, the predominant attack vector by far is email. So much so that threat actors consider it a guaranteed win and seldom even consider other avenues of attack. If you use email, you are a target. If you use the internet, you are a target, regardless of size. Period.

Myth #3: Antivirus software is enough protection
Nothing could be further from the truth. Modern threat actors use tools and techniques that easily bypass anti-virus and other endpoint security products.They not only easily gain entrance, but routinely live undetected in networks for 6-9 months, exfiltrating data the entire time, without detection by any endpoint products. Your anti-virus solution is of no consequence to a modern threat actor.

Myth #4: A cyber-attack is just a productivity problem, my IT guys have got this
Many business owners and some IT people still think of a cyber event in 2017 or 2018 terms. Good IT people can always restore the data, so in theory during a breach event you could just restore your backups and move on. Impacts were on productivity and the costs were generally in man-hours.

Today, the average cost to remediate a data breach is $4.2 million, and as a small business you only have a 40% chance of surviving past 6 months. Your IT staff is facing an adversary that is either a nation state actor, or a profit motivated enterprise with unlimited resources. So when was the last cybersecurity conference you sent your IT guy to?

We can help

This is no longer a productivity issue it’s an existential threat. Get this wrong and chances are you will no longer exist. Cybersecurity myths like the ones you learned above can lull businesses into a false sense of security, leaving them vulnerable to attacks. This is where Rocky Mountain Cybersecurity can help. We can help you separate fact from myth and make sure your business is as secure as possible.

We have the experience and expertise to handle matters such as vulnerability testing, security education, compliance, cyber insurance, and much more for our customers. We’re always up to date on the latest security landscape and provide you with the tools and guidance you need to stay safe. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save your business.

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Elmer Robinson is an IT warrior and cybersecurity subject matter expert who has fought on the front lines of the cybersecurity wars and provided business continuity as long as they have existed.. A CISSP since 2008 and a certified network engineer since 1993, Elmer has proven success in delivering comprehensive cybersecurity strategies to every type of industry.