Cheyenne, Wyoming— June 1, 2022, For Immediate Release

Today Elmer Robinson, Rocky Mountain Cybersecurity CEO, announced the start of operations for this Cheyenne, Wyoming based cybersecurity services and consulting company, offering services nationwide.

“Everyone knows data security is a problem, but most people don’t know that the game changing data breaches of 2021 were 9/11 type events for cybersecurity. These events: the SolarWinds Orion, Colonial pipeline, Kaseya VSA, and Microsoft Exchange breaches, blew our ideas of what the bad guys were capable of out of the water. These new capabilities by bad actors demand new strategies to keep small businesses safe. Unfortunately, most small businesses are still doing the same things they were doing before and not responding to the dramatic changes in the threat environment. Sixty percent of small businesses fail within six months of a data breach, only four in ten even survive, yet most businesses don’t see inadequate cybersecurity in their business as the existential threat that it is.” said Elmer Robinson, CEO at Rocky Mountain Cybersecurity. “Worse than that, because the actual threat operates much differently than they know, many small businesses are spending on solutions that don’t actually lower the overall risk profile for the business, leaving themselves exposed. I started Rocky Mountain Cybersecurity with the mission of helping businesses and organizations by providing affordable solutions and expertise that make a dramatic difference in the real threats facing their business, because whether they realize it or not, they are one wrong click away from potentially losing everything.”

Rocky Mountain Cybersecurity provides services and expertise to partner with your existing IT and evolve your security program:

• Breach Mitigation
• Forensics Investigations
• Vulnerability Management and Network Scans
• External Penetration Tests
• Security Assessments
• IT Assessments
• vCIO / vCISO Services
• NIST Risk Assessments
• Dark Web Monitoring
• User Awareness, Training and Ethical Phishing
• Compliance Management
• Identity and Credential Management
• Cyber Insurance Assurance Services